WOW you must really like Harry Styles? 

While I appreciate all Harry has done for gender fluidity, I actually named my business for a book written by Richard Brautigan in the 60's


Hi there! I'm a boy mom and dog mom. Marching bands and animal encounters make me cry. Taco Bell is my love language and I am still mourning the loss of the Mexican Pizza. Ive been known to have a potty mouth. I grew up just outside of Yosemite, and always love and opportunity to work in the park. I picked up a camera in 2015 as a way to work creatively while still enjoying being a stay at home mom.  I love color, details and making the ordinary into magic. I believe photography is one of the most important things to invest in. To look back on your life, beautifully documented is priceless, whether it be a dream wedding or a lazy Saturday in. It's so important to have these things to look back on, remember and pass down. I hope to hear from you and help you document your special day and loved ones.