Color Factory

February 24, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

The Color Factory came to San Francisco in August 2018. It's a 20,000 square foot participation exhibit celebrating the joy of color. Over  20 artists worked to collaborate this unique and playful experience. Sage insisted on wearing a rubber cat mask he had acquired just that morning in China Town. One of the most popular exhibits was this 800 sq.ft. pool of yellow balls. This room also had an all yellow gift shop and we were served lemon ice cream upon exiting. Other interesting exhibits were this hanging sculpture of colored ribbons, that, the further you walked into the center it became completely dark and really surprised us! There was a coloring book wall with attendants passing out oversized markers as well as a life sized Light -Bright room!Maybe the most popular exhibit that flooded social media feeds was the blue confetti room. We entered an all blue room with continuous rainbow confetti flying from the ceiling! It was so much fun and such a great photo opportunity. Heres some photos from our experience!




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