Pismo, March 2021

March 13, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

The ocean holds some kind of magic for most people, especially for kids who only see it a few times a year. I personally prefer the pine trees and the mountains but Sage had been asking for a beach day for over a year. After keeping the trip a secret for a week it was so great watching sages face as he looked over the calendar in the kitchen and saw the words " COAST" written in the squares. His face lit up and he ran over to hug me!  We booked a cute little house in Arroyo Grande and made the three and half hour trip Saturday afternoon. We didn't do as much hopping about to multiple attractions as anticipated, but we ate dinner at a nice sushi place and roasted marshmallows back at the house. The next day's goal was to make sure Sage got his fill of ocean time and he really wanted to boogie board. It was a quick little trip, but a nice little break in the routine. We are excited to go back and have already booked two more trips there for Mothers Day and Sages birthday, where we will tour SLO Field of Lights!


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