We believe each couple and every wedding or elopement is so unique and different that it doesn't make sense to have firm packages that limit choices and opportunities. This page serves to give an example of base prices and services where weddings and elopements are concerned. We always encourage couples to contact us and tell us as many details as they can about their day, so we can better customize options for them. 


Elopements are small intimate ceremonies with a guest list under twenty-five, and require anywhere from one hour to four hours of coverage. Elopements in the Bass Lake and Oakhurst area start at $450 and Yosemite destination elopements starting at $750.


Weddings can be all sizes and range from thirty to three-hundred guests, typically weddings require coverage ranging from six to ten hours. Weddings in the Bass Lake and Oakhurst are start at $1,500 with Yosemite destination weddings starting at $2,000.



We also offer proposals, engagements, and family portraits, please contact us to book!